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New Patient Examination

The comprehensive nature of our new patient examination is one of the things that really sets our office apart. New patients are astounded at our thoroughness. In addition to getting full knowledge of your oral health, we endeavor to get to know what’s important to you. When we understand you well, we can tailor your treatment accordingly.  Let me walk you through the initial patient experience.

First we conduct a thorough review of your medical history and discuss prior dental experiences that may affect your future treatment.

We will take necessary radiographs, a full mouth series if possible, so that we can see each tooth from several angles.  This is necessary for a proper diagnosis.

We will make note of and chart any recession, bleeding, or bone loss.

Of course we thoroughly check your teeth. I examine all of your teeth and existing restorations (fillings and crowns) noting what type and size they are and what condition they are in. I also look carefully for decay, fractures and any indications that your teeth may not be functioning in a healthy manner.  Sometimes we take intra-oral photographs.

The final part of the exam is a temporomandibular joint exam. I carefully check the joints and muscles involved with movement of your lower jaw (mandible) and your bite.

After your initial patient examination, I will have a complete picture of your oral health.  I will explain everything during a subsequent consultation, and we can discuss any concerns you have.  Once you know what’s going on, you can decide how to proceed.  Our team is available to help you and answer all of your questions.